Success stories


In February 2014, the ZvoniMir Social Workers' Association established an associate that operates in the area of Knin and it's surroundings.

The cooperative is conceived as a social entrepreneurship venture aimed at the operationalization of numerous activities in the field of providing non-institutional social care services, education and employment of persons belonging to marginalized social groups (eg women, members of national minorities over the age of 45), which the association has developed.

Educational activities in different areas, by which socially excluded persons will be improved in their quality of life (household jobs, communication skills, ecological production of agricultural and food products, maintenance services, assembly and other) should also enable a higher level of employability of people in adverse personal, economic and social circumstances. In addition to preparing for inclusion on the labor market, some people will have the opportunity to work on providing social services to people or families of older, disabled or community members with special needs. The work of the association will involve local institutions of health and social care.