Success stories


SOCIAL COOPERATION PET PLUS was founded on the initiative of the PET PLUS Association.

Since 2010, the PET PLUS Cooperative, founded on the initiative of the PET PLUS Association and several former drug addicts in Novo Zvečevo, gathers and helps former addicts in rehabilitation and resocialization, giving them the opportunity for a better and more peaceful life. Eight members of the cooperative are engaged in activities that ultimately aim to revive areas of special state concern and include ecological farming and processing of environmentally friendly foods,  processing of wood, as well as making souvenirs and furniture. In addition to the mentioned activities, the cooperative is engaged in the provision of finishing works in the construction, landscaping and maintenance of grasslands, forest seeds and transport services. The development of the cooperative led to the initiation of a pyrography activity at the end of 2011, and with the support of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Croatia, a pirograph, a decorated workshop, a souvenir shop and a rehabilitated addict were employed. In the near future, the development of a cooperative in the woodworking segment and the production of wooden souvenirs is planned, which will further strengthen the social impact of the cooperative.


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