Success stories

Social Cooperative Prijateljica

Prijateljica is a social cooperative involving people with disabilities in project of recycling candles and so opens up new opportunities for the vurneble people of the community.

Social association Prijateljica was created by the Association of People with Disabilities Prijatelj - Metkovic, with the goal of gathering people with disabilities through self-employment. Employment of disabled people in the Association has become a burden, so we were forced to find a different form of self-employment. Realizing that state institutions will not always be able to assist and co-finance employment of people with disabilities, they started helping ourselves in April 2011. As part of the project 'Svjetlost svijeća' with the partner  association ,,PRIJATELJ,, we started collecting glass candels from 15 containers located in the cemeteries in Metković and its surroundings, and paraffin from the lanterns recycled into candles. 

The goal of the co-operative is to provide people from vulnerable groups of society equal position on the work market, because they do not have the capability to be equal with others. Our  wish is to to point out that everybody cand be given an equal chance to live from their work.