Success stories


Cooperative Senior Services is located in Velika Gorica, as one of the results of the project under the leadership of Forum 50+.

The project was funded by the Institute of Democracy of the  Republic of Croatia and the city of Zagreb with the partnership of the Croatian Employment Service, Croatian Post and the support of the city of Velika Gorica. Cooperative efforts are focused on providing assistance in meeting basic living needs for socially vulnerable, helpless and other people who, alone or with family members  can not provide for themselves because of unfavorable personal, economic, social and other circumstances. A cooperative provides a wide range of intellectual services such as providing counseling services and instruction in a number of areas such as, transportation and attendance services, home help, health and recreation, home improvement and social gathering. Apart from satisfying the needs of the elderly and helpless, the cooperative enables the involvement of the working and economic processes of the unemployed, persons with reduced working capacity and many others in the area of ​​Velika Gorica as the foundations of social entrepreneurship.