Success stories


Social service association Martin's Cloak was founded in 2011.

In order to reach the most vulnerable groups of the population and to provide better living conditions, as well as the constant public awareness of the vulnerable groups, in 2011 the social-production-service association Martion Plašt (Martin's Cloak) was founded.

Founders associate common experiences with people on the edge of social existence and the desire to provide opportunities for their integration into society. The work of the co-operative is reflected in the areas of extra-institutional social care (psychological support, resocialization and integration, elder care), productive (domestic labor) and service (creative free time) activities. Co-operative members are associated with the view that improving the care of special social categories and providing comprehensive support to individuals and families builds the healthy core of society. The latest project of the co-operative, urban collapsible gardens, offers the possibility of gardening for the elderly and disabled people, people with disabilities and children with developmental difficulties, therefore raising the quality of their everyday life, creating a sense of involvement, usefulness and realization of their own potential.


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