Success stories


,,Super Bake'' is a cake shop that employs senior ladies to bake homemade cakes, with their own secret recipes, that they have tested all of their lives.

They are a social enterprise created with the purpose of making senior age easier and more manageable through offering meaningful, enjoyable, paid work to senior ladies.

Mario Milaković from Belegrade gathered seven Super Baka ( Super Grannies ). He knew three of them, and the rest found out about it and joined. He got the idea about the cake shop while in Vienna where he heard about a restaurant with senior ladies as employes . But returning to Belegrade he was faced with a big challenge - how to fund it?

In september  of 2017 he gathered the team of  Super Baka. They made a video campaign for group financing  and provided a link to a site where people could donate. A few famous people from Serbia joind the campaign to help them get their business running. They got some media and online exposure and  by January of this year they succeeded and got the donation of 5.000 dolars that they needed to start their business. Super Bake grannies will now be able to start cooking in a new kitchen, but what's more important than that is that they will be able to prepare homemade cakes together.

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