Paper Cup Project


Carrier: Paper Cup Project

Today, paper cups have very extensive usage area.  They are frequently chosen due to the reasons like hygiene and their practicality in use in places where public drink need is satisfied as coffee automats, canteens, water dispensers. People are the ones who create and sustain non-governmental organizations. People who gather under the same roof of non-governmental organizations are workforces for physical, psychological and material requirements of them when reaching their aims.    Non- governmental organizations can sustain and enlarge their meanings if only they could reach more people. Profit-oriented organizations touch people at first time by advertisement, however for non-governmental organizations this can be economically challenging and luxury.  In Paper Cup Project, informations about work and active projects of the non-governmental organizations will be published on the surface of the paper cups and these cups will be provided in the areas where targeted people use them for drinking. Informative paper cups will be changed for weekly periods to introduce a new non-governmental organization or a new active project in determined areas, by so communication between non-governmental organizations’  will be up-to-date.  In addition to that non-governmental organizations, which run location oriented projects, can directly reach the target people. Print costs of the paper cups can be paid by enterprises which serve beverages in these paper cups or partnership can be formed by a profit-oriented organization.  Profit-oriented organizations can communicate their potential customers by supporting an non-governmental organizations’ paper cup printing costs.