Problem of adaptation of facilities for persons with disabilities

Crnogorski jezik

The idea is based on a web portal that will consolidate information about the adaptation of facilities for people with disabilities or mobility difficulties and coping. A significant number, especially the public ones, have not implemented until the end of the process of adapting to access for persons with reduced mobility.

This application will integrate different sources, feedbacks, folders and databases into interactive platform where visitors will be informed before and during site visits, organizing events, fulfillment of obligations in public institutions or other activities.

Web portal will be based on geospatial data (layout Google map) or another mode of display and visualization of data objects and their degree of adaptation, installed appliances as well as current and planned activities / initiatives. It would gather and present an interactive information about the status of objects, initially in one town (Niksic) and then in the wider area of Montenegro. In addition, the portal would be based on standard web technologies, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP of responsive design (for phones), easy and fast to be edited.

After creating the application and consultation with local and national associations of people with disabilities, the application will be filled with application data objects, which will be a continuous activity. It is anticipated that the initial phase lasts up to 2-4 months, during which the applications will be developed in Niksic as a test area, and then in Podgorica and other major towns in Montenegro.