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Call for evaluators: Project evaluation - CANCELED

This call for tender application has been canceled.
For any aditional information, please send e-mail.


Smart Start is project co-financed by the European Union, through the Civil Society Facility and Media Programme 2014-2015, Support to regional thematic networks of Civil Society Organizations.

The subject of this tender is implementation of services as indicated in the technical information in the point 2 of these information.

This tender will include services for:

1. Position A: National evaluators - 5 positions – one per country in Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey;


2. Position B: Lead evaluator(s) – 1 or 2 positions; or


3. COMBINED A+ B: joint venture or companies (5+1/2);

Once the national and lead evaluators are selected, the contract will refer to selected team of applicants as joint venture.

Deadline for submission of the applications: 4th April 2019, end of business hours


The tenderers will submit their applications using the standard submission form available as Annex I of the Tender dossier with Annex II and Annex III attached. The application will be submitted in 1 original vie e-mail. Using e-mail submission the applicant should provide a scanned original of all annexes from the tender dossier and deliver the original first thing if accepted. Any tenders not using the prescribed form(s) might be rejected by the Contracting Authority.

In addition to the Annex I, the tenderer is required to provide the following supporting documentation (scanned versions in case of e-mail submission):

  • Individual CV(s) of evaluator(s);
  • Previous experience and references;