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SMART START supports first CEO HIGH SCHOOL conference

Start Start has supported the first CEO HIGH SCHOOL conference, which was officially opened on 25th of March on Saturday in the Youth Center in Sarajevo, and has gathered over 600 high school students from different schools.

The conference was opened by prof. Dr. Kemal Kozarić, the dean of Economic Faculty at the University of Sarajevo who stressed the importance of participation of young people in academic community: „Change things, be a part of the changes that are necessary to our society“. In front of the organizing team the participants were addressed by Nazif Holjan, project manager and coordinator of the CEO HIGH SCHOOL conference Kanita Redžepagić, and in front of the co-organizers, Vedran Peršić, Sberbank BH and Dino Imamović Sol Azur & Buena Vista.

The speakers were Fikret Hodžić, Amila Avdukić, Arnej Misirlić, Igor Kraišnik, Yakuta Huseinović. Admir Tursum, Maid Hećimović and Adnan Baručija who is also a moderator of the conference.

„Success is measured by how much lives did you touched around you. Therefore accept everything new that comes, all the failures and disappointments, and never give up „said one of the speakers of CEO HIGH SCHOOL conference, Amila Avdukić, also a HR manager of the Mistral Company and the quadruple world champion in CrossFit.

CEO HIGH SCHOOL conference is a great opportunity for high school students that through the variety of inspirational speeches and personal stories of young, successful people realize how does a path to success look like, and to realize their own potential and possibilities. The aim of the conference is to encourage young people, high school students on innovative and entrepreneurial thinking and to help them choose their further education and to acquire other practical skills required for labor market.

CEO HIGH SCHOOL conference will surely be remembered as the first conference which brought together many high school students who have had the unique opportunity to share their expectations, fears and their desires for the future. At the end we are sending a message to you: The best is yet to come!