Bosanski jezik

Carrier: Bosnian-American Friendship Association (BAFA)

In Bosnia and Herzegovina there is no single web portal designed for matchmaking different companies. The acquisition of a new client from foreign market costs a lot because it means staying in countries such as USA, Canada, and Sweden...  Such a departure of the company averagely costs a minimum of 6,000 € to 8,000 €.

BAFA wants to create a single portal to create a database that will contain the key experts of diaspora, information on companies owned by Bosnians, which will include at least 100 companies, 200 professionals from Bosnia and Herzegovina origin in order to better linking of the mentioned actors in promoting B&H as a business destination. In addition, wants this information to be available to small and medium enterprises that can offer their services to companies that are owned by Bosnians and to other companies with which our citizens who line now in diaspora and have developed a network of contacts can connect them.