Reuse of Tarpaulin Waste for Bicycle Promotion


The basic idea is to use waste material in the production of designer urban and travel bicycle bags. This means that they will use waste tarpaulin material from advertising boards, as well as other waste tarpaulin into the production of rainproof, designer bicycle bags for carrying goods on bicycles. For this reason а partnership is formed between a designer that has experience in the use of tarpaulin from billboards in the production of clothes and accessories, and an organization that has experience in bicycles and extreme sports. The sale of the bags would be done via already established local shops. The local shops, especially bicycle shops will be their primary target since they already have access to most of targeted buyers. They will also drive sale through designer product shops. Additionally they will also have direct sales with businesses that have need for such bags, such as bicycle couriers, bicycle rental businesses, and travel agencies that offer bicycle tourism. In this sense they would create a solution for two problems: decreasing the waste of tarpaulin by reusing it in the production of bicycle bags and boosting employability.