Srpski jezik

The basic idea combines the contribution to solving major environmental problems (air purification, increasing biodiversity, combating climate change) and the development of a sustainable income model for organization GM Optimist, through the formation of seedlings of Oak and Beech trees that will be used for afforestation.

Increasing the forests level is one of the basic ways to eliminate greenhouse gases from the atmosphere (especially carbon dioxide), while trees have a positive impact on the increase in biodiversity (provides habitat and food for different kinds of plants and animals). Due to all of the above, we want to set up a mini tree nursery seedling by gathering seeds from nature and then cultivating them until they reach a sufficient age for planting.

In this, we see the potential for income activity in two ways. One is organizing corporate volunteer actions, where employees in companies will participate in afforestation actions and pay a certain amount for participation. The other is packing seedlings into designed mini cartons for sale (mainly for the business sector), so that their employees can plant them, individually or together.