Bosnia and Herzegovina

Social association Prijateljica was created by the Association of People with Disabilities Prijatelj - Metkovic, with the goal of gathering people with disabilities through self-employment. Employment of disabled people in the Association has become a burden, so we were forced to find a different form of self-employment. Realizing that state institutions will not always be able to assist and co-finance employment of people with disabilities, they started helping ourselves in April 2011.

They are focused on ecology, healthy life and promotion of equality, tolerance and the rights of people from vulnerable categories. They are a grass-root organization that focuses on concrete problems and concrete solutions.

They believe that social (social) entrepreneurship is a way to ensure a long-term sustainability of their organization and its projects.They are currently on the path to start the production of healthy organic food in an innovative and socially responsible way, which unites the ecological, social and economic aspects of their work.

A small but innovative organization is devoted to better identifying and exploiting local development potential and improving the knowledge and creativity of the local population. The association manages two innovative social enterprises - 100-Bed Youth Camp, which targets its incomes to inclusive camps by co-working & co-living concept and First Agricultural Social Cooperative, which provides young people with practical knowledge and the ability to earn from their work in agriculture.

The Association continuously conducts youth programs, and is one of the most active youth associations in Central Serbia. The activities are implemented voluntarily or through projects.

Such a way of self-organization and gathering helps to realistically look at their remaining opportunities, encourage self-initiative for disabled to articulate their needs themselves. Due to the nature of the disability, this person has difficulty in realizing his / her own life needs and is committed to supporting his / her environment. The association has 130 members predominantly children and young people.

This kind of space represents a new concept of a modern multifunctional space created by the creative transformation of an old business space into an institution that combines entrepreneurial, educational, cultural and commercial activities as well as CSO activities.

We have started a social enterprise Koba Yagi Toys engaged in the production of dolls and educational tools for children's work, which engages vulnerable groups of young people and women in their work.

Caritas Šabac is mainly engaged in providing services in the field of social protection and social entrepreneurship. Work in the area of social protection is considered through the home-help service and living room for people with mental disabilities, humanitarian work and emergency work. Activities in the field of social entrepreneurship are realized through the service of chemical cleaning and washing of the laundry "Elio" and social agriculture. Through both activities, people are employed from socially vulnerable groups.

Kvart provides graphic and web design services, illustrations and prints on textiles and ceramics. By creative work and the separation of profits, the studio supports the organization ... IZ KRUGA to improving the existing and contributing to the creation of new services and support services.

Creative training also employs and prepares women with disabilities to work in the creative industry, thus securing their economic independence. The aim of the study is to engage as many as possible women with disabilities and involve them in society and the community.

The focus is mostly local self-government and work and cooperation that is very small because they are politically neutral. They do not want to confront but cooperate with them and it is quite difficult. Moreover, they are a member organization of the Weber team working to monitor public administration reform in a part which is related to local self-government. They want to cooperate with other organizations of the Western Balkans to promote peace and cooperation among young people because they are the least burdened with past conflicts.