civil society organizations

Our vision is a sustainable, dynamic market economy based on innovation, learning and knowledge in Serbia, offering everyone equal opportunities for participation and development. Development of entrepreneurial skills, sustainable economic development, creation of new jobs and local and regional development depend on the private sector's performance and support of the capable public sector. Our mission is to contribute to the creation of new jobs and the development of expertise in the field of economic development as effective methods for building society.

The first knowledge about traditional olive oil soap making was handed over by their grandmothers. Their starting points in making cosmetics were ecology and ethics. Those points dictated them many parameters, from materials, packaging to the very approach to the market. Their goal is not to fulfill the normative form, but really provide an environmentally friendly and ethical product behind which they stand as a person.


Praksa is not an ordinary architectural office - along with the offer of professional services in the field of architecture, urban planning and design, the cooperative puts emphasis on mutual assistance, exchange skills and social engagement of members in community.

The mission of the association is empowerment and the activity of women in Lika for the welfare of the family and the community.

Their mission is to help local people in the community in which they operate in a way that they connect supply and demand. Supply and demand are changing from project to project, but what is common for all projects is that they look to find self-sustainable systems within which people will satisfy their needs without endangering their own environment in the widest sense. In order to do that they connect public, civilian and private sector.


The mission of this group is to keep short immediate trade chain of agricultural products. Goals could be classified to the following: explore the law more and find a lawyer for GSR; to investigate which products they are missing in the group and arrange co-operation with manufacturers; organize thematic manifestations by seasons in the eco market; introduce practical workshops for members of the group; secure members who have lost their jobs a cart through the help of the farm. At the beginning of 2015, the group changed its name to the Solidarity Ecological Group Pula.

Their mission is to create as many projects as possible of electrical production from solar energy on the island of Krk but also wider, contribute to preserve the environment, protect the climate, sustainable development of the island of Krk and development of tourist activity as the main business branch on the island, and encourage other subjects on the use of renewable resources energy, in order to minimize and then eliminate the island's dependence on disappearing and expensive fossil fuels.

It provides the space and all the tools needed to repair your bike. Service is grounded on the "do-it-yourself" principle and the use of Bicyclopopravljaona, as well as all expert assistance, is free.

The mission of the Caritas is to advocate actively for social progress, physical, spiritual, psychological and social well-being, social justice and the improvement of the quality of life in different areas and to develop solidarity amongst people on the basis of charity and altruism irrespective of their social origin, race, religious, ethnic, national, polar and other differences. The target groups with which Caritas are: young people, people with disabilities, old people, children, socially vulnerable population, Roma and unemployed.

The goal of the organization is to create opportunities for improving the social, economic and cultural-educational position of Roma women and Egyptians in Montenegrin society.

The mission of the organization is to advocate against discrimination in family and society and to provide an active contribution to the improvement of the position of Roma and Egyptian women and children in Montenegro.