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What was the best way of doing this? By combining the one passion we all share in common: the love for food.

Inability to free, in quality manner and in spirit of the habits and standards of the countries in the region, organize a press conference at which the public will be informed about its mission, activities, results and point out to the current problems, the pioneers of the NGO sector came up with the idea to establish PR Center modeled on the Belgrade Media Center.

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Women association “Orchid” (Bh. „orhideja“) is founded in 2008 with a mission to empower women through skill development and awareness about joint work and local community development.

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Center for education and research “Nahla” is a BH nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education and support to women and family, working in accordance with the principles of freedom of thought, conscience and religion in contemporary civil society.

In order to be at service to women in all aspects of their lives and ease their daily obstacles, they offer a number of services for them within the Centre.

Services currently offered in Center are:

Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina

“Nešto više” (Eng. Something More) is an organization which encourages positive changes in society by supporting individuals and groups, through formal and non-formal education, networking, work, joint experiences and help to others, develop their competences and become responsible leaders who by believing in themselves and other are cherishing openness and loyalty to their society.

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

In Dobrinja, one of the settlements in Sarajevo, Bosnian Market has been opened as an unique commercial project which has comprised domestic production, employment and exploitation of the abandoned area of the former shelter. On Bosnian Market, only domestic and organic food is being sold. Once a war shelter, this place has been transformed and renovated into elegant market with highly standardized sections and decorations within the spirit of Bosnian carpets and tradition.

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina


Association „Living with down syndrome“ has started with 3DownPrint, a social enterprise which employs family members of persons living with Down syndrome.

Printing office 3DownPrint Club is special in many ways. In addition for being equipped with the latest generation technology, such as 3D printers, here people with Down syndrome can test their skills as well.

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Uspon (eng. Rise) is a social enterprise established with the aim of providing professional support to persons with disabilities. The founder of Uspon is Alliance of organizations for support to people with intellectual disabilities Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina "SUMERO".

Mission: Work engagement is the most efficient way of inclusion of persons with disabilities in all life streams. The goal is that persons with disabilities become creators, not only users of state budget.

Country: Croatia:

Hedona Ltd Križevci is a social enterprise which was founded by the Association of Disabled People Križevci led by Mr. Pero Gatarić in the spring of 2013 as a part of the „Chocolaterie Chris“ project – the chocolaterie of Križevci.

The main activity of the company is the production of chocolate and chocolate pralines. Our company has been present in the home market for two years but what makes it different from other similar enterprises is the fact that it is a social enterprise which mostly employs disabled people.