civil society organizations

Country: Croatia

STORK (cro. „roda), a bird - This conspicuous species has given rise to many legends across its range, of which the best-known is the story of babies being brought by storks.

Country: Serbia

Women’s Centre Užice is a citizens association founded in 1998 with the aim to raise awareness in the local community about the status of women and activate women in pursuing their rights and economic empowerment. Their goals are accomplished through three programs:

- health care program,

- economic program and

- educational program.

Country: Serbia

The goal of this enterprise is to help people with disabilities in exercising their right to work. The exercise of this right is essential for the stability of each person and their integration in society. Back in 2001, they started collecting waste paper in schools, and thus managed to provide some income for beneficiaries of this CSO.

Since 2001 they have gradually developed these activities:

- Purchased sorting containers and started collecting other recyclables,

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

USU Tuzla opened a day-care center for person with disability. The center's purpose is to enable this group of persons to join the general population and to help provide meaningful employment opportunities to those who are able and interested to take on employment.

This social business investment included renovation of the NGO's existing building, furnishing living areas for 20 people, and education and employment of beneficiaries.

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnian Handicrafts is a modern production and retail business training and employing female refugees displaced by the Bosnian war. 

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Being the #funkiest social enterprise in BiH means  for a  future. Local  for local ! This is#funkyguerrilla

Country: Turkey 

Bugday Association has established a social enterprise, with goal to enable small farmers to bring organic products to the consumers, by establishing 100% ecological farmers’ markets. 

In 2004, Buğday started its lobbying efforts in the Ministry of Agriculture of Turkey in favor of ecological farming and marketing. Having accomplished that, Buğday founded the first 100% Ecological Farmers’ Market in Şişli in 2006. 

Social and cooperative? IT'S HUMANA NOVA ČAKOVEC!

Country: Croatia

Social Cooperative Humana Nova Čakovec encourages the employment of the disabled and other socially excluded persons through the production and selling of quality and innovative textile products made from ecological and recycled fabrics for the needs of the domestic and the foreign markets. Our products are the response to the actual needs of users. 

Country: Montenegro

Making efforts to provide support to disabled people with establishing mini facilities for digital printing, New Opportunity from Herceg Novi, although young organization, quickly became well-known as good practice example in Montenegro.