civil society organizations

The objectives of our association are the promotion of social protection in Kraljevo and assistance in the process of decentralization of social protection services – I.E. The return of social protection services back to the responsibility of the town so that the needs of citizens are met in their immediate environment.

"Viktoria Kraljevo" is a nongovernmental, non-profit and non-partisan citizens association. Their beneficiaries are the elderly, hard-to-employ women, single mothers, victims of violence.

The profit at the end of the year will be invested in creating new jobs, expansion of capacity ect. ProFresh deals with the professional services of cleaning and maintenance of residental and commenrcial properties. They have machines for cleaning furniture, dry washing carpets etc.

Director of the Foundation for Local Democracy, founder of ProFresh d.o.o., Jasmina Mujezinović pointed out that bosnian concept of social entrepreneurship involves the formation of traditional companies that employ hardly hirable category.

Kod organizes informal education of children and youth in the field of arts and crafts and has its gallery program.

The Association was founded in 2006 with the mission to create conditions for the development of a new cultural model of a responsible society where there are equal opportunities for everyone.

In this way we encourage society and individuals in the implementation of creative, socially responsible and sustainable ideas and projects.

The enterprise makes a profit through educational and developmental activities, consulting, mentoring and providing technical support.

This association was founded in 2001 in Bačka topola, in order to economically and socially empower women. Their products are traditional handicrafts such as sewing, embroidery and tailoring. They make handbags and tablecloths, clothes and pottery. Our target group are women from rural areas who have lost their jobs, but have knowledge of craftwork and various forms of manual labour. For them Hera organises training for occupations that do not require large investments and initial capital so that these women could use their knowledge acquired in training.

The association was founded in 2009 by several people who themselves had experienced anxiety disorders.

The mission of the Association is to provide various forms of support to people with neuroses, raise awareness and educate society on the issue of neurosis, develop prevention of neurotic and other mental disorders, and promote the rights of persons with mental disorders.

Jointly owned by the Republic of Serbia and RTB BOR Group, I.E. „LAKA ŽICA“ factory LRD. – Their main activity is professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities through training for carpentry work.

Over a half of their employees are persons with disabilities. For their engagement they cooperate with the National Employment Service and Special School for Primary and Secondary Education in Bor. In their company, the employees undergo training led by the team specialized in practical training, labor and social integration.


Caritas ŠABAC is a part of the international Caritas network that i present in Šabac since 1992.

That is how a company named „Be a man“ was formed in which they have opened three humanitarian second hand shops that employ vulnerable women.

Two years ago, they began to collect clothes and that action was called „Bread of textiles“. They collect clothes in Sarajevo and Banja Luka. Then the clothes is gathered in storage by nine people who work there and are socially vulnerable. One of them is a former homeless man from Sarajevo, who now lives from his work thanks to ADRI.

Bešlagić is social entrepreneur of “Green Islands” business. He made his positive story through the investment of the Foundation Mozaik.

Green Islands as a social business is an amusement park who is working through its environmental activities in order to conserve natural resources and to promote the natural and cultural treasures of our region, through its offer of cycling tours, rafting, camping etc.