civil society organizations

Their workshop is a place for free and open transfer of knowledge and skills to people who belong to marginalized groups due to age, sex or lack of working experience.

UZOR has shared special boxes to family houses, apartments and craft workshops where they can dispose waste paper. When filled, they sale collected paper to specializied company in St. Helena.

The first three years when they founded UZOR they have volunteered. Congregating more and more paper they have managed to hire first three persons. UZOR in Vienna was proclaimed as one of the 15 best social innovation in the competition SocialMarie.


The enterprise is engaged in the production of paper and cardboard packaging for food, textile, footwear and pharmaceutical industry, the production of food (frozen dough, pasta and biscuits). The enterprise also provides services of technical inspection of vehicles, driving tests for the "B" category (driving school activity) and we also provide fire extinguishers servicing. The enterprise is also engaged in the retail sale of petroleum products and LPG for cars and home appliances.

Association of Blind and Visually Impaired in Živinice in 2012. Decided to start a business which will employ people with disabilities, as well as persons without disabilities. They came to this idea because they had encountered difficulties in hiring or accessing founds, because they were registered just as Association of Blind and Visually Impaired persons in Živinice and Kladanj. They have launched their company with three employees, today there are 18 employees.
Their current activities are defined through three business units:

This startup has been opened in the framework of the project “Social entrepreneurship for socially responsible society” which was approved by the EU and the governments of Serbia nad Switzerland through the Progress program. At the end of the project Association and Municipalities Lebane have founded “Rose” company. “Rose” has invested 60%, and local government 40% of the money.

Bagel Бејгл may just seem as another shop in the neighborhood, but it is not!

To taste a real New York Bagel you don’t have to cross thousands of miles and spent a few thousand euros. This traditional Jewish pastry,which has found its place in the Anglo-Saxon kitchen, can be found in dozens of different flavors, salty and sweet, for a few hundred pounds, in the center od Belgrade.

Association Kamensko and the company IKEA Croatia started the cooperation in the framework where the two members of the Association will provide services of measuring, sewing and tailoring on textiles bought in the IKEA store and advise visitors in the store at the Departent od textile.

They began there work in 2009, when “Lush”, the famous British producer for natural cosmetics, retreated for a short from the Serbian market. With the founding which provided Nacional Employment Service they have lunched a manual production of soaps from natural materials. With the expansion of there market they spread the range of their assorment too. Meanwhile, they had hired a person with hearing impaired as a pharmaceutical technician. When they decided to develop products that require laboratory conditions, they have applied for a grant which would allowed them to do that.

Social Entrepreneurship can be extremely beneficial for the company. ”Kichens on wheels” is an example od Social Entrepreneurship in which persons with disabilities make meals. “Choco plum” is the first desert in the range of “Kichen on wheels”, and part of produced food is shared free to people with poor financial status and social vulnerable groups.