Such a way of self-organization and gathering helps to realistically look at their remaining opportunities, encourage self-initiative for disabled to articulate their needs themselves. Due to the nature of the disability, this person has difficulty in realizing his / her own life needs and is committed to supporting his / her environment. The association has 130 members predominantly children and young people.

This kind of space represents a new concept of a modern multifunctional space created by the creative transformation of an old business space into an institution that combines entrepreneurial, educational, cultural and commercial activities as well as CSO activities.

We have started a social enterprise Koba Yagi Toys engaged in the production of dolls and educational tools for children's work, which engages vulnerable groups of young people and women in their work.

Kvart provides graphic and web design services, illustrations and prints on textiles and ceramics. By creative work and the separation of profits, the studio supports the organization ... IZ KRUGA to improving the existing and contributing to the creation of new services and support services.

Creative training also employs and prepares women with disabilities to work in the creative industry, thus securing their economic independence. The aim of the study is to engage as many as possible women with disabilities and involve them in society and the community.

The focus is mostly local self-government and work and cooperation that is very small because they are politically neutral. They do not want to confront but cooperate with them and it is quite difficult. Moreover, they are a member organization of the Weber team working to monitor public administration reform in a part which is related to local self-government. They want to cooperate with other organizations of the Western Balkans to promote peace and cooperation among young people because they are the least burdened with past conflicts.

Our vision is a sustainable, dynamic market economy based on innovation, learning and knowledge in Serbia, offering everyone equal opportunities for participation and development. Development of entrepreneurial skills, sustainable economic development, creation of new jobs and local and regional development depend on the private sector's performance and support of the capable public sector. Our mission is to contribute to the creation of new jobs and the development of expertise in the field of economic development as effective methods for building society.

The first knowledge about traditional olive oil soap making was handed over by their grandmothers. Their starting points in making cosmetics were ecology and ethics. Those points dictated them many parameters, from materials, packaging to the very approach to the market. Their goal is not to fulfill the normative form, but really provide an environmentally friendly and ethical product behind which they stand as a person.

Web: www.sapunoteka.com

Praksa is not an ordinary architectural office - along with the offer of professional services in the field of architecture, urban planning and design, the cooperative puts emphasis on mutual assistance, exchange skills and social engagement of members in community.

The mission of the association is empowerment and the activity of women in Lika for the welfare of the family and the community.

Their mission is to help local people in the community in which they operate in a way that they connect supply and demand. Supply and demand are changing from project to project, but what is common for all projects is that they look to find self-sustainable systems within which people will satisfy their needs without endangering their own environment in the widest sense. In order to do that they connect public, civilian and private sector.

Web: http://www.zelenozlato.org/