The project was funded by the Institute of Democracy of the  Republic of Croatia and the city of Zagreb with the partnership of the Croatian Employment Service, Croatian Post and the support of the city of Velika Gorica. Cooperative efforts are focused on providing assistance in meeting basic living needs for socially vulnerable, helpless and other people who, alone or with family members  can not provide for themselves because of unfavorable personal, economic, social and other circumstances.

The cooperative is conceived as a social entrepreneurship venture aimed at the operationalization of numerous activities in the field of providing non-institutional social care services, education and employment of persons belonging to marginalized social groups (eg women, members of national minorities over the age of 45), which the association has developed.

They provide assistance to all women and children victims of violence irrespective of their racial, ethnic or religious background. They say that the purpose of establishing this association is to improve the position of women in the Karlovac County area through the promotion and protection of women's and children's human rights and by empowering women to actively engage in the social life of the community.

In order to reach the most vulnerable groups of the population and to provide better living conditions, as well as the constant public awareness of the vulnerable groups, in 2011 the social-production-service association Martion Plašt (Martin's Cloak) was founded.

Since 2010, the PET PLUS Cooperative, founded on the initiative of the PET PLUS Association and several former drug addicts in Novo Zvečevo, gathers and helps former addicts in rehabilitation and resocialization, giving them the opportunity for a better and more peaceful life. Eight members of the cooperative are engaged in activities that ultimately aim to revive areas of special state concern and include ecological farming and processing of environmentally friendly foods,  processing of wood, as well as making souvenirs and furniture.

Cooperative is functioning as social enterprise whose goal is to create new working places and finance social project activities of the diocese through realized profit. Moreover, the cooperative is donating its products to those in need for ten years so far.

They are a social enterprise created with the purpose of making senior age easier and more manageable through offering meaningful, enjoyable, paid work to senior ladies.

Mario Milaković from Belegrade gathered seven Super Baka ( Super Grannies ). He knew three of them, and the rest found out about it and joined. He got the idea about the cake shop while in Vienna where he heard about a restaurant with senior ladies as employes . But returning to Belegrade he was faced with a big challenge - how to fund it?

Hedona Ltd Chocolaterie was founded by the Association of Disabled People Križevci in February 2013 with the aim of providing work primarily to the disabled people. In May 2015 there were 6 people employed but as the market started recognising the quality of the products, business started to grow.

Association was founded in 2008,  as a non-profit, non-government and non-partisan association, with the goal to gather parents of children with disabillities ( menthal or physical ), citizens, humanitarians, donators, sponsors and experts that want to help the association in socialization, rehabilitation and intergration in social and work enviroments of children and youth with disabilities. Since it was founded in 2008,  Association executed over 30 different projects.

It's mission is to eliminate all forms of violence and discrimitation against women and children by involving them in educational programs, with help and asistance for victims of violence,  collaboration with institutions, promotion and protection of womens rights.