In other words VISAN tried to conquer a broad area of environmental protection and sanitation, through providing services, but also through continuous environmental care and also educating staff and the developing programs.

The Association is existing for seven years based on the initiative of parents, wanting to young people with congenital problems not to stay all their life as a passive members of society. With their activities, as one of the necessary support service they founded a Living room as an innovative support program for people with developmental disabilities, which represents the social model approach to the work and aims a life and vocational training, development of social skills and provides condition for social inclusion.

The company hires women who have more than 45 years, and that as a result of transitional changes, lost their jobs and have limited access to employment. In addition to employment support this vulnerable group, the company is working to promote corporate social responsibility, environmental protection and recycling, as well as the concept of social entrepreneurship.

The association “No-addiction” in 2009 has launched a social entrepreneurship “NEOS” to help rehabilitated addicts to solve their existential questions in life because they are often facing many prejudices. Since in the market the only good reference is reliability and quality that service provides, “NEOS” contributed to break down the stereotypes of drug addicts as a purely destructive people.

The mission of the cooperative is the inclusion of former addicts in normal working and living processes, successful social reintegration and the development of social enterprises.

The family business of manufacturing high-quallity domestic meat dates back to 60s and Sandi Salkić decided to improve it and to give it a contemporary form. Having decided to realize the idea of their own business which he was considering on an early age, Salkić has completed the first Nutritional college in order to gain new knowledge and skills from the field, nad after that he decided to start his own company “Agrorevolution” in which he is planing to produce and pack meat to the highest standards.

Our society can be very proud because there are still those who do not underestimate the importance of didactic games and recognize their importance through the early growth and development of the child. The company Igraj Uči Rasti (Play Teach Grow) was launched to resolve problems such as growing number of disorders in children of preschool and school age. Igraj Uči Rasti d.o.o. is a social business and was named as one of the most successful business plan in the first business incubator of the Mozaik Foundation.

It operates in the area of Bosanska Krupa and Cazin, and the goal of the Center is to provide quality, safe and dignified life for elderly and disabled people through housework services, delivery of necessary supplies to the address, escort and transportation in maintaining their commitments outside their homes.

Their services were developed by working with mentors and experts in Mozaik Incubator of social business, and were tested on the market.


Their workshop is a place for free and open transfer of knowledge and skills to people who belong to marginalized groups due to age, sex or lack of working experience.

UZOR has shared special boxes to family houses, apartments and craft workshops where they can dispose waste paper. When filled, they sale collected paper to specializied company in St. Helena.

The first three years when they founded UZOR they have volunteered. Congregating more and more paper they have managed to hire first three persons. UZOR in Vienna was proclaimed as one of the 15 best social innovation in the competition SocialMarie.