They are a social enterprise created with the purpose of making senior age easier and more manageable through offering meaningful, enjoyable, paid work to senior ladies.

Mario Milaković from Belegrade gathered seven Super Baka ( Super Grannies ). He knew three of them, and the rest found out about it and joined. He got the idea about the cake shop while in Vienna where he heard about a restaurant with senior ladies as employes . But returning to Belegrade he was faced with a big challenge - how to fund it?

Hedona Ltd Chocolaterie was founded by the Association of Disabled People Križevci in February 2013 with the aim of providing work primarily to the disabled people. In May 2015 there were 6 people employed but as the market started recognising the quality of the products, business started to grow.

Association was founded in 2008,  as a non-profit, non-government and non-partisan association, with the goal to gather parents of children with disabillities ( menthal or physical ), citizens, humanitarians, donators, sponsors and experts that want to help the association in socialization, rehabilitation and intergration in social and work enviroments of children and youth with disabilities. Since it was founded in 2008,  Association executed over 30 different projects.

It's mission is to eliminate all forms of violence and discrimitation against women and children by involving them in educational programs, with help and asistance for victims of violence,  collaboration with institutions, promotion and protection of womens rights.

With the support and cooperation of Amitie Luxemburg-Montenegro and the Ministry of foreign affairs of Luxemburg, many projects and events which will make the Bihur area a visible tourist destintion were realised. On of the Center's goals is the preservation of tradition, culture and customs of the Bihor area. With the arrival of tourists  there was an increase for homemade food and souvenir products. Products form the ,,Centar za seoski razvoj'' have a certificate, and are recognised for their quality and slogan '' Najbolje iz Bihora''.

Impact Hub Zagreb was initiated in 2013 in Zagreb by a group of social entrepreneurs who founded an association Pokreni ideju (Start an Idea) – Association for Social Innovation Promotion along with the Pokreni ideju j.d.o.o. (Start an Idea Ltd).

Cluster for Eco-Social Innovation and Development CEDRA Split was founded in 2013 as a follow-up of several local, regional and national initiatives and projects.

Being a lead organisation in social enterprise development of Croatia, Slap has opened a social enterprise of its own – Modra nit d.o.o. Modra nit is a marketing agency specialised for visibility of project funded from the European Union and it has been founded in the year 2010. It was during the implementation period of Slap’s project where Modra nit made its first steps into the world of visibility for the European Union funded projects. Modra nit d.o.o.

The members of the cooperative are physical and legal persons interested in development of economy based on democracy, social responsibility, transparency and solidarity. Besides individuals, members include enterprises, cooperatives, artisans, family farms, civil society organizations, trade unions, local action groups, local governments, developmental agencies, universities, etc. In 2017, the Cooperative has more than 1.100 members.

Association for Children and Youth with Disabilities “Zvono” (Bell), founded by parents of children and youth with disabilities, is providing assistance and care for disabled children and youth in wider Belišće and Valpovo area (Eastern Croatia). Zvono Association promotes independence for their members and develops programs for employment of people with disabilities. It promotes the philosophy of inclusion and works to improve conditions in the local community to achieve the normalization and inclusion of persons with disabilities in that community.