Turkey: GAME CHANGER – Designing an Environmental & Energy Education Program for Children


Today, the climate change is a widely recognized serious global challenge, and the evidence suggest that the human activities are the main cause. Energy behaviour of people directly influence the global emissions therefore; understanding of climate change and energy efficiency is at key importance for our future. It is very important to engage people in carbon emission reduction actions and public awareness campaigns constitute an important element to support energy conservation and energy efficiency promotion policies and programs. Children can play a key role in changing society's long-term attitudes to the environment as future energy consumers as well as future policy makers. Children also influence their own families’ lifestyles and behaviour. Therefore, the education of children can play a significant role in delivering pro-environmental and energy efficiency behaviour change. We strongly believe that engaging children in energy actions and giving them an active role in energy conservation is very important for combating global climate change.

In the “Game Changer” project, we propose developing an innovative Environmental & Energy Education Program through physical activities and games for elementary school children (the age group of 8-12). The children who attend the games will get acquainted with the phenomenon, causes and consequences of climate change, energy consumption and environmental pollution. They will also learn practical and simple actions to save energy in daily life and what they can do to prevent climate change while playing games with their peers.