The main purpose of our association is to provide health, employment, accessibility, avoiding discrimination for hearing impaired in order to solve their problems through rights-based activities and projects. Since some of our graduates are high school graduates, they cannot be employed in the public education centre according to the regulations. Anywhere in Turkey there are many demands to come to our association sign language course. Volunteers include doctors, nurses, social workers, lawyers, police officers, etc. But these people cannot reach our courses because of various reasons such as distance, cost, and timelessness. As many of our voluntary citizens are in the position to be close to hearing and speech impaired by receiving TID training and to communicate with them, we aim to open this door with remote Turkish sign language education and continue this live interaction in the social life that we will start on the internet via "webinar". In addition, we aim to employ our unemployed TID instructors who are unemployed on this vocational level, our hearing and speech impaired, in their homes as a "home office" system and then integrate with the society. After these live courses started on the internet, the instructors and trainees will chat in our association. By this they will be able to practice in real life. The name of our project was thus inspired by the term "home office" freelance, is "Home TID Office".