The International Art Educator Association is working to organize activities in the field of education and art at local, national and international level and to produce common projects on this area; contributing to the development of studies; to exchange information with persons and organizations working in these subjects and to bring these people together on a common ground. Entrepreneurs who understand and appreciate the value of design come to the forefront in our changing and  continuosly-developing world. For this reason, it is necessary for young people to be entrepreneurs for business life to complete their corporate identity designs before they establish their businesses and to create design models for products and services. We will provide organic soap production training for refugee and disadvantaged youth who are unemployed, and they will be provided to enter the market. Training sessions on design training and marketing strategies for organic soap production models will be given during this period. After, these training program our participants will be able to use information that they gained during the training in their business life. They will be able to apply this info in other sectors. If they want, they will be able to go on to product soap and new designs. Also, they will be able to share their knowledge with people around them. Our aims are; to enable refugee and disadvantaged young people to enter into business life consciously and as researchers, to provide design and innovation training for the refugee and disadvantaged youth, to understand the importance of design in product and service sales, teaching design principles to refugee and disadvantaged youth, to teach how design can contribute to reduce entrepreneurship risk, to encourage refugee and disadvantaged youth to be entrepreneurial and creative, informing the refugees and disadvantaged youth about the relationship between design and marketing in entrepreneurship.