Particularly in early childhood education, children's meeting with a rich environment is crucial to the development, awareness and perceptions of the child. Children are open to learning during this period. Prejudiced, empathic, loving, socially and emotionally rapidly developing children in this class immediately accepts different children in the class. They participate in all events together. This contributes to the development of both children with special needs and healthy children. The prominence of individual differences in education is indisputable. Every child is unique, different. The important thing is that the children have to face the rich environment and they live different applications. The Association for Supporting Children with Special Needs Education was established in order to increase the accessibility of special education services by identifying the children who need special education, teaching all kinds of educational-arts-sports activities, educational courses-courses-seminars-panels organized and meeting the professional needs of the teachers. We aim to provide equal opportunity for children with special needs who are feeling a lot of deficiency in our country. Within our project called, We are all different, we are all in museums, we are carrying out educational studies in which we create an environment where children can learn by living together by bringing together the children of the various preschool education institutions with our special needs children. In this study we aim to change the lives of more children by publishing our educational activities which proves that the museums are rich stimulating environments that contribute to the development of children in rich, cultural, historical, social and artistic ways. Our goal is to integrate education into a system that embraces each child in a child-centred education model, ensuring that all children are educated and integrated together in an environment of love and sharing. With the book we will prepare, we intend to disseminate this educational model.