Carrier: is a social enterprise model that enables university students to gain professional experience and earn economic income during their student days. Different business models will be created within the model and students will be able to run these business models together with a professional core management team. The cooperative will aim to continually improve its capacity to compete with a private company on the basis of every business model it creates with its dynamic, creative, visionary and youth team members.

The selection of the model's statutory status as cooperative coincides with the philosophical "social enterprise" philosophy and the social perception of the "cooperative" word. Students who will become cooperatives members in the model will form the General Assembly. The activities of the cooperative will continue with the Board of Directors, which will be composed of the General Assembly and the professional core management team. In parallel with this, it is aimed to be the representative of the private sector, academicians who have gained a sense of achievement in the society/experience, NGO managers / experts etc. An Advisory/Mentor Council will be established where the people will be involved.

The funding sources that will enable the cooperative to establish sustainable business models will be the private sector. Companies will sponsor the business models of cooperative by making "social investments". In this way, the cooperative will be beneficiary in the activities that will be realized in the field of corporate social responsibility of the private sector.

Another important factor in the organization structure is the Independent Audit Institution. A transparent, accountable order will be formed in the cooperative with the audit that this organization will carry out.

Membership in international youth networks/organizations will be realized in order to spread this social enterprise model internationally, to cooperate/exchange ideas with other youth organizations in the world, to participate in related organizations and to international youth networks/organizations.

Within the scope of "social responsibility", the cooperative will prepare projects aimed at solving problems, especially youth/disadvantaged groups, to funding agencies such as Development Agencies, EU, TÜBITAK.

The cooperative will form a special platform to support the private sector employment of students who have gained experience by working within the university period. In addition, a Youth Academy will be established within the cooperative to support the individual development of the students and the institutional development of the cooperative. Various trainings and workshops will be held in this academy.