Web portal www.ljudina.si

Crnogorski jezik

Portal www.ljudina.si is specially designed online portal from where website team will be running the campaigns and actions, on national level and beyond, in order to collect financial and other aid and support for people and families in need who are not able to pay funds for medical expenses and costly surgeries, who live in inhumane conditions or have some other similar problems. The idea is aimed at developing and creating a tool that will help the user in the process of collecting funds, with the following:

•          the possibility for the user to open a personal account and present the case, tell the story and attach the documentation (photos, medical records.)

•          the possibility for the user to follow his case and to take part directly in the process (comments, sharing online material).

•          the possibility for the user to receive instructions how to collect financial support - way of acting via the Internet with potential helpers.

This service has a tendency to make it easier for user in the process of collecting funds, to motivate and engage the public by being more informed about the case and getting familiar with details (full story, photos, information on payment ect.), so that they could develop a strong emotional connection with the person and his or her condition.

Our team of web and online experts will be responsible to technically manage the service, to present sensitive issues and materials in the highly responsible and moderate manner and to make it easy to use for their guests.  Additionally, our team, made of marketing and advertising experts, will use their creativity and expertise trough this online portal in order to influence individuals, organizations and private companies – potential donors.

Those who stand out as donors of special relevance will receive online recognition and will be promoted as philanthropists through the portal, social networks, throughout videos, awards at the end of the year.

Via the portal, we will create a possibility for other types of help and donations such as voluntary work, nurturing of sick people, donations of food and other necessities for the vulnerable individuals and their families.