Bosanski jezik

Carrier: Edina Hadzic

Zorya is the project proposal or the name of the brand that specializes in placement of locally and organically produced food, in the form of social business, promoting „Shop with cause“ philosophy of sales. Zorya wants to make the first truly B&H product, brand, which proposes a different, more innovative approach to the production and sale.

For beginning products are limited to natural tea and organic honey. The further development of the production would be expanded into a variety of fruit products, juices, and jams and so on. The idea is to link small agricultural holdings or simply families in the form of social business. The idea is to link households who are making these products in private arrangement and to place them on the market. This would help many families, particularly women who have no permanent income, to obtain some profit.

All the families that are involved in the program will have a direct benefit and profit through the sale of their products. The hope is that the project will indirectly have a greater impact, both on the affirmation of B&H rural tourism, as well as the affirmation of B&H organic cultivation or agriculture in general.