GARB (Interactive eco mobile application)


А mobile app will offer a set of services for different target groups (public institution working with waste collection – JP Komunalna Higiena, Private enterprises as Pakomak, Citizens, CSOs) as: mapping places of waste locations, type of waste and condition of the containers, locating illegal dumps and creation of events for waste collection, information of places and time for collection of bulky waste or construction debris, contact of responsible institution and organization working with waste, sharing news from the app on social media and real time data and notification services. The application will take in consideration all privacy and security issues as well as the relevance of the information gathered and published. Crowdsourcing will be used as an innovative model to collect data from users and in same time to showcase how a crowd can contribute in solving societal problems.  In this way, everyone that will use the app can map a location of containers, map full containers or illegal dumps or leave a picture and comments. This will have impact on the environmental awareness among the citizens, as well as on the outlook of а respective city.