Panonska inicijativa

Srpski jezik

“Panonska inicijativa” is ready to start economic activities by establishing a social enterprise, because it has good condition and capacity that can be used for a wider social interest in conditions for employment and self-employment of young people.

The aim is to create „incubator od ideas „which would respond to all the needs and which would equip young people to sell their services and profit from them. „Incubator of ideas „would actually represent a systematic support to individuals in the successful start-up of sustainable businesses through counseling, mentoring and organizational support. All members of the company as an ongoing service of the organization will receive networking and connections with business sector, public and civil sector and other economic entities.

Incubator of ideas would have not been only the space and equipment that would the target group used for free. Their ideas and development would be supported through targeted training and education of eminent experts from different fields in order to increase their competitiveness in the market of the local community and beyond.