Project News

1st regional meeting held in Zagreb, Croatia

From 13th to 15th of December, project steering committee and 15 CSOs from B&H, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey have held 1st Regional meeting with representatives of CSOs in Smart Start project.


During these three days, participants had chance to meet each other and share experiences regarding social entrepreneurship in the region, as well as to present all 100 ideas in Smart Start project.


CEDRA, host partner from Croatia has prepared study visit to IMPACT HUB Zagreb and presented how social enterprises work in Croatia, due to the CEDRA work on S.E. for several years. They have pointed out why partnerships among CSOs and stakeholder are important and how to start collaborating with most important acters when it comes to entrepreneurship on local and regional level.

Participants were met with director of IMPACT hub Zagreb who presented the model of this hub with all key aspects of their work and how they function as they exist – measuring the greatest impact on different levels.


At the end, project partners form five countries have presented the 100 CSOs who have applied with their ideas to be supported by Smart Start program and held 1st official Regional meeting of Smart Start. Further more, partners used this chance to meet on 2nd PSC project meeting which was about Project compass, detailed cut on where Smart Start is currently and how project year 1 has been implemented.