Recycle and Get a Bonus


Main goal of this idea is to collect the used cooking oil from households in order to protect the environment and provide a financial benefit to people who will do it. Machines will be placed in supermarkets in different municipalities. The machine contains a filter, where all that liquid (usually water) that is not a used cooking oil goes into a special waste canister, while the used cooking oil is stored in a separate canister. This action will have direct impact of protecting the environment and social impact on the households. People who will put the used cooking oil in the machine will get 10 Macedonian denars per liter and 5 Macedonian denars per half liter.  The machine can give gifts on a membership cards that can be used in super markets, public transport as tickets, used with gas-stations, ZOOs etc. After collecting, the used cooking oil can be used for bio-diesel production by the big refinery companies.