Training course for job, volunteering and practice application intended to advanced university students

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Human Capital Solutions

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After 15 years of work with companies and candidates we recognized that many young people who are close to graduate at the university especially those from Agriculture Faculty are not ready to make good job application. In most cases students even don’t have their CV’s. They don’t make CV’s because they don’t understand the importance of this or they don’t know what CV should contain. They also don’t have any idea how to write a cover letter, how long it should be, what should include and also what writing form to use. Special challenge for young people is how to prepare for the interview.

The project aims to educate young people through lectures where after these presentations students will make their own CV’s and cover letters. All present training participants will give active help to every student who needs it. Students will get printed CV forms to fill. They also will get printed instructions for cover letter writing.

The final part of training will be active work. During this part students will participate in an interview demonstration with HCS interviewer.